Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The sky(rim) is falling

So it's been awhile since my last post. And maybe the title is a little alarmist. It's not the end of the world here.

I've been playing Skyrim (mostly) with a brief run back to Skyward Sword. Skyrim is a ton of fun and it deserves all the awards it's getting. Unfortunately for me I hit a main quest stopping bug last night that prevents me from moving forward in the story. Basically I gotta talk to a guy (which the game didn't seem to register) and he sent me to another guy who gave me a quest. I finished that quest but couldn't complete it because guy 2 keeps talking about guy 1. So I go to guy 1 and he sends me to talk to guy 2. And round and round we go.

Apparently they fixed this bug for the PC, and patch 1.3 that came out last week obviously didn't fix it. Thankfully I am not at a loss of things to do. And I really, REALLY love this game. But it's disappointing that after over 40 hours of playtime the main quest is now off limits to me. And if for some reason they don't fix it, I would need to start over just to see the main storyline to its conclusion. And that would make me very sad. And a little T.O.'d.

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