Friday, December 2, 2011


First off, I promise I'm not going to cleverly title every post based on the game I talk about.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way. In 93 or 94 I felt like I was late to the PC game (no pun intended). They were gaining popularity but were still outrageously expensive. I think our AT&T Globalyst (for its stunning specs, see Myst-ified post) cost around $2200. For that price nowadays you better be buying 3 laptops. Or one Macbook Pro.

Still, I wasn't new to gaming. I had the NES for years then picked up the SNES at the toy store in the mall (I didn't even know it was out). But I was new to PC gaming, especially playing against other people via dial-up. But I was at a huge disadvantage. For all its high tech wizardry, our computer's modem was also its sound card. And for some reason, according to AT&T tech support, sound wouldn't work if I was "online". Who plays online anyway though right?

So my aforementioned friend Chris, the one who introduced me to Myst, introduced me to Doom. And not only Doom, but multiplayer Doom. So here I was creeped out by the atmosphere and all the 2D blood and guts (which was awesome), but I had no sound. That actually made the game more terrifying. Not only that, I liked to hide in a mass of barrels. The kind that (unbeknownst to me) exploded when you shot them.

So there I was in my first multiplayer game, backed into a corner because I couldn't hear a thing and was trying to see as much of my surroundings as possible. I thought I was hiding in a great spot. I had barrels all around me! So along comes my friend. He can't see me. Haha! I've got you! I start shooting. He turns and starts shooting. Then BOOM! The screen goes red as I die in a blaze of 20 exploding barrels.

Lets play again.

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