Friday, August 9, 2013

My game collection

After seeing what my friend Jason did with his game collection site, I decided to make my own. So here ya go. It took a few days to get all my games added. They're broken up into categories that can be accessed from the side menu. Unfortunately they're listed in the order I posted them, which was in (mostly) alphabetical order. So they're listed in reverse alpha order on the site.

Regardless, all my games are listed there. I should be able to add new games pretty quick now that the bulk of my collection is there already. Most games just have the system, release date, genre, and if I completed the game or not. A few have some comments about the game.  I'll probably add more as I have time.

I also still put game pics up on Tumblr of new additions and other random gaming stuff that I find interesting.


My Game Collection

Games are for Grown Ups Tumblr

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